As a small, but highly experienced team we have a unique approach to making games. Our offices are located in Tampere, Finland and with our current independence, we work on our own original IPs. With the goal to create unique games for console and PC platforms. The working environment is very relaxed and daily development is done in tight cooperation. Still, everyone takes their responsibilities seriously and works hard to achieve our common goals.

As gamers of both genders ourselves, we hope you have the passion for gaming as well. We like our heavy metal served with melody, but luckily listen to it mainly through headphones. Board games are one of the passions and are played regularly after work, but that is of course voluntary. Our spoken working language is Finnish and written working language is English. So we would require you to understand and speak fair Finnish. If you think we are someone you would like to work with, you've come to the right page.

Open Application

Jan 1, 2015

We currently don’t have open positions available, but we are always interested on hearing what you would have to offer for our company.

You can send your open applications to