Ice Lakes

Ice Lakes is a modern fishing simulator with highly realistic sandbox approach to wintertime fishing. Single and multiplayer with different game modes in the various sandbox locations around the world makes this game the ultimate ice fishing simulator. Master the use of wide selection of fishing gear and learn how changing season, bottom topology, day time and weather conditions affect fish behavior. The game also supports VR.

Ice Lakes

Race Arcade

Race Arcade combines everything that makes a good top down racing game. A fresh experience is not only about great graphics, but smooth gameplay, dozens of vehicles and hundreds of tracks in diverse environments are all core elements. Moreover, create your own tracks with an easy to use track editor and share them with other players worldwide. You can also get competitive and arrange your own competition against other players in custom made tracks.

Race Arcade

Premium Pool Arena

Premium Pool Arena is a smooth and enjoyable way to play billiards on your computer.

Test your skills in wide range of different locations online, or challenge your friends in local multiplayer mode. For more challenge take part in tournaments and play yourself to the top of charts and win exclusive prizes!

You will have a player rank that is determined by how well you do in tournaments or other online modes. The more you win, the higher the rank. Plan your moves carefully for higher ranking!

Premium Pool

Target Horizon

Target Horizon is a historical war game presenting a completely new game genre. In Target Horizon you are a commander of an anti-aircraft unit. Plan your strategy, build your defences and bring down the sky with a vast selection of historical anti-aircraft weaponry. Fire massive flak barrages with AA guns, sweep the sky with machine guns or do surgical strikes with prototype weapons combined with multitouch controls.

Target Horizon

Pirates Don't Run

You are running for your life and chased by hordes of undead skeleton pirates, which you just summoned from the afterlife. Pirates Don't Run is an action packed story driven endless runner you've never seen before.

Read an exclusive digital comic book telling a thrilling story of our hero characters adventures in the world filled with pirate myths and legends. Finally find a full collection collectable cards that presents unique artwork and exciting information about the world of Pirates Don't Run.


Premium Pool

Premium Pool presents the ultimate mobile pool game with smooth touch screen controls, stunning 3D graphics and real life sound effects. Join in and download the game like over 10 million others have.

Premium Minigolf

Premium Minigolf is the best mobile minigolf out there. Lots of levels, smooth touch screen controls, stunning graphics makes it a perfect mobile game for anyone. Jump in to next episode of Premium games.

Pirate Treasure

Pirate Treasure is a puzzle game filled with legendary riches and ancient treasures. Gather more fortune than any pirate in their lifetime.


Iceflake Studios is an independent game development company from Finland founded in 2007. Although, our roots go as far back as 2003 while we started making game modifications.

We are a team of experienced game developers and have made games for PCs, consoles and for all current VR and mobile platforms. The biggest successes so far are multimillion download hits Premium Pool and Pirates Don't Run and our latest title, an original ice fishing game Ice Lakes.

In the future, we are concentrating on new and original multiplatform games developed for PC and console platforms.



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